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With fifteen years accomplishment in management and analysis, Suzanne has a track record of success with start-up ventures as well as established corporate entities.

bulletMANAGEMENT – Expert in collaborating with business, technical, and creative professionals, cultivating effective operation plans and successfully bringing dynamic ventures to fruition, on schedule and within budget. Creative problem solver with keen ability to develop business process management systems, drive revenue growth, resolve conflict and improve morale.  Solid experience cultivating and executing effective operation plans.
bullet ANALYSIS – Professional background in financial analysis and accounting. Accomplished in preparing business plans with full financials, and equally strong in budgeting, cost analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis, financial modeling, and performance matrices.
bullet TEAM BUILDING – Decisive team leader accomplished in recruiting and hiring cross-functional teams, developing talent and creating effective training programs. Develops productive relationships with colleagues, clients, and staff at all levels.
bulletTECHNICAL SKILLS  – Macintosh & Windows 95/98/NT/XP operating systems; MS Office (Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Outlook, Visio, MovieMagic (Budgeting, Scheduling, Web), Vista, Disc, PSL One, Commerce One (BuySite, AuctionSite, NetMarketMaker) - Basic skills in SQL & HTML - Training & Certification in Rational Unified Process (RUP) fundamentals. Fast learner and enthusiastic to develop new skills.

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2001 – Present, Rouaix Consulting – Los Angeles, CA and Paris, France

Management Consultant

Provide expert evaluation and analysis of new projects in development to start-up companies and to new departments within existing corporations.

bulletExpertise in business process management and enterprise resource planning.
bulletCollaborate with key Executives, Producers and Directors to research and write business plans for new companies and new departments.
bulletDefine company objectives, prepare work-plans and budgets, conduct bi-weekly business development meetings, and provide risk analysis.
bulletRecruit and develop cross-functional teams with business, technical and artistic expertise, and then coordinate their functions to meet client's overall company objectives. Also define criteria for cost controls and financial management.
bulletConduct strategic preparation for primary, secondary and tertiary markets, including industry modeling and matrices, to ascertain realistic ROI for high-risk ventures, and prepare presentations to stakeholders.


2000 – 2001, Studio Systems, Inc. (formerly CREATIVE PLANET, INC. & mOVIE MAGIC TECHNOLOGIES) – L.A., CA

Senior Analyst, e-Commerce Operations

Expert analyst in Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the entertainment industry.

bulletDefined User Requirements for the creation and implementation of new technology to facilitate procurement processes for motion picture production.
bulletConducted User Requirements analysis of B-to-B e-commerce web-enabled applications: collaborated with software engineers, business analysts, and entertainment industry professionals to write use cases, conduct qualitative risk assessments, revenue analysis, impact analysis, policy development, process design, and compliance and control methodologies.
bulletTeam lead for software development of Accounting Integration system with web enabled application CommerceOne BuySite, and also Team Lead for AuctionSite analysis determining industry relevance and operation requirements.


1995 – 2000, Holiday in the Sun Productions – Los Angeles, CA

General Partner and Producer

Co-founded independent film production company where I developed, produced and financed award winning short films. Responsible for managing all business functions for entrepreneurial company including P&L, finance, marketing and operations.

bulletCollaborated with creative, business, and technical professionals to evaluate new projects: established budgets, determined financing requirements and capital structuring, defined marketing and distribution strategies, and led dynamic teams of creative talent from project inception through distribution.
bulletProvided expert consulting services to outside clients, facilitating top management in decisions over financial, strategic and operational issues.
bulletAccomplishments included production and distribution of award winning short films, successfully competing in national and international film markets, and revenue earned from broadcast licenses substantially exceeding typical market indices for targeted genre.
bulletSuccessfully negotiated contracts in domestic and international markets.


1991 – 1995, Entertainment Partners, LLC – Burbank, CA


Accelerated through the formal ranks of motion picture production accounting while working in the fast-paced, dynamic environment of film production at CASTLE ROCK PICTURES, TWENTIETH-CENTURY FOX, WARNER BROTHERS, and independent production companies located internationally.

bulletCost accounting for film production includes the following: budgeting, daily Hot Costs, estimates-to-complete, variance analysis, G/L, A/R, A/P, PO's, PC, and payroll.
bulletConducted expert analysis facilitating production managers and producers in decisions over strategic and operational issues.
bulletPerformed financial analysis, lease vs. buy decisions and NPV (net present value) analysis.
bulletDeveloped and implemented effective cost control methodologies.
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1989 – 1991, Stetson Visual Services, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA


Responsible for all corporate cost accounting for this motion picture Special Effects business. Prepared financial statements: balance sheets, income statements and cash flow analysis. Produced accurate and timely production cost reports, project-end financial close, quarterly financials and cost analysis.

bulletConducted expert analysis facilitating top management in decisions over strategic and operational issues.
bulletPerformed  financial analysis, lease vs. buy decisions and NPV (net present value) analysis.
bulletDeveloped and implemented effective cost control methodologies.


Simmons College, School of Management; Boston, Massachusetts
M.B.A. degree, concentration in strategic management.

Loyola Marymount University; Los Angeles, California
Bachelor of Business Administration degree, concentration in finance.

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