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With fifteen years of combined management and analytical experience, Suzanne has demonstrated consistent success in start-ups as well as in corporate environments, managing both operational and systems related projects. 

Management Consulting Accomplished consultant to producers, production companies, consulting firms, research firms, and individual companies on business strategies, business management, project evaluation, and the implementation of new technology.  Provides expert consulting services in project evaluation and analysis. 


Coach start-up companies on the business requirements of independent motion picture production, financing and distribution, including web-enabled distribution platforms.


Work with the company to define overall company objectives, prepare work-plans and budgets, and determine criteria for cost controls and financial management.


Conduct bi-weekly business development meetings with progress evaluation.


Recruit and develop cross-functional teams (i.e.: business, technical and artistic expertise) and then coordinate their functions to meet client's overall company objectives.


Specialize in strategic management.


Create effective training programs.

Business Plan Writing: Collaborate with key players to convey the business mission and write articulate the plan for new companies and/or new departments within existing companies. 

bulletBusiness plan writing for the following:
bulletfilm productions
bulletstart-up companies
bulletnew product development within company divisions
bulletSpecialize in strategic preparation for primary, secondary and tertiary markets, and market analysis including industry modeling and matrices, to ascertain realistic ROI for high-risk ventures.

Research and Analysis:  Project analysis and evaluation
bulletFeasibility studies
bulletMarket research
bulletIndustry profile
bulletProduction profile
bulletPrimary, secondary, tertiary markets
bulletCompetition profile
bulletFinancial analysis
bulletROI (return on investment) evaluation
bullet3 fundamentals of finance (NPV: net present value; IRR: internal rate of return; Payback: time until investment is paid back)

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