Language Oddities
Do you say walkie-talkie or talkie-walkie ?
The latter ? You are probably french then...

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Salam Pax is back
Dear Raed proves that Internet communication is easier and faster to restore than many other things... Good luck to Salam.
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Venture blogs
For anyone who's considering "touring" on Sand Hill Road, the following blogs are precious :
- VentureBlog
- Due Diligence

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Back to France
We have moved to France. As expected, the weather here in November is rather cold and rainy. On the other hand, there's the cheese. And various other food specialties that you will not find in Redondo Beach !.
A surprise:
- WiFi is not legal without an authorisation issued by the government...
A non-surprise:
- November is the strike season; check the French news, and you'll find that there is always someone on strike somewhere.
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I've added several goodies to this site:

  • Employment pages for Southern California (Ventura to Orange County); there are about 300 links, organised in a hopefully efficient navigation system
  • eBay Item Flipper : for the utterly bored and the terminally curious, a simple interface offering a time-linear walk of items sold on eBay
  • Shopping Assistant : perform searches on many useful shopping sites from a single navigation page.

Try them and let me know if you have comments.

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Amazon Goldboxes
Shopping Frenzy ?

Amazon has a new feature called the Gold Box : 5 time-limited special offers every day. It's cute, but the "Gold" branding does not really match the type of items that are offered in this box... It's more like a yard sale than a treasure.

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Geo pOrn
NASA's Blue Marble has an amazing collection of pictures. The new images section is worth checking everyday, as you would also APOD and perhaps OSEI.
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Land Art
If you don't have access to crop fields for your land art, try the beach instead...
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Reviewuate Medireview History ?
I'm pretty sure you've heard about Yahoo's incredibly amateurish approach to protecting Yahoo! Mail users from malicious scripts. It's an old story, but for some reason it resurfaced in NTK this week.

A test today showed that the filtering now inserts _ (underscore) in front of the forbidden words, instead of "rewriting" them. I have no idea when the change took place.

I am however amazed that somebody could think that changing textual content of emails was an acceptable solution to the problem of malicious scripts. Even though full parsing of HTML and Javascript may be too expensive or unreliable to detect bad scripts, there has to be a better approach.
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